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Re: Overwriting Template functions



HI _ck_,

thanks for this. I’m not trying to stop something being called with an add_action, but i’m sorry if i didn’t phrase it well enough. What I have found is that i cannot either get an added filter nor an action to add to certain functions in BBpress. Thats the issue i’ve hit.

Nor am i wanting dynamic theme’s, as your wonderful plugin covers that.

My plugin does this:

ON activation checks for wordpress integration.

If wordpress integrated copies the header file form the wordpress template to a directory.

Inserts BBcode Hooks into the new file.

Now that bit works well and dandy; but what i want in this instance is to overwrite the function BB_GET_HEADER as it’s hardcoded in the template_functions.php file.

So here is my question, how can i/we overwrite the BB_GET_HEADER function ?

1) can we overwrite functions in the template-functions.php file?

2) how?

3) is there an example of this anywhere?

I ask not to be pedantic, but because i think you answered my post based on what you think i’m trying to do with my plugin rather than the issue at hand – namely that i can over write some functions and not others.

You are pretty much the authority on this, so i really appreciate any help insight you might have on how to overwrite the BB_GET_HEADER function. thank you!

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