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Re: Open Links in new window



I actually have a closely related but slightly different need – I need bbPress to NOT strip out the target if I manually enter it into an <a> tag and, ideally, to also not strip out the rel=”nofollow”

This plugin does add the rel=”nofollow” to links, but I wouldn’t want that added to my internal links, just external ones. But it is not adding the target=”_blank” and bbPress is still stripping it if I add it manually. Again, I wouldn’t want it added for internal links, just external (we want ALL internal (on-site) links to open in the same window, but want ALL external links to open in a new window).

The only way I know of to get this granularity of control is to do them manually, but dang it bbPress keeps removing them.

I agree totally that it’s not good to mess with core files, and I try to avoid it at all costs, but this is a very important issue for us – so if there is no plugin to add this level of control, how can I modify my file(s) to do this? I would happily add a functions.php to my theme and put it there, but am not a good enough coder to write this function myself.

Any suggestions?

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