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Re: Now that interface is dead…



I noticed that the trunk (well at least 1075) is loading both jquery.js and prototype.js

Can’t prototype.js be completely depricated in the trunk?

Is anything still using it or can I safely disable the 50k download it causes for each new visitor?

Oh, also, don’t use the packed version of jquery. It may look nice at 30k but you can literally see the browser pause for a second or two while it unpacks it – for EVERY single page load. My topic load times go from 1 second to 4 seconds when using jquery packed, but back to 1.5 seconds for the unpacked version.

If you use the unpacked version (however scary at 90k in size these days) it never has to unpack and most servers that are properly configured will use gzip on the transfer anyway, so it’s back to 30k for the transfer and instantly ready for use. There is a huge discussion about this on ajaxian and elsewhere and I still don’t see why people fall for the packed “trick”. In fact the authors keep trying to come up with ways to make it seem smaller but that only uses slower decompression routines. It’s silliness. They should just break it up into subset libraries.

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