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Re: Noobish CSS Question

There’s no direct solution. You can do one of these:

  • Change <?php tag_heat_map(); ?> to <?php tag_heat_map('limit=30'); ?>. The default limit is 40 I think, if you set it to 30 or any appropriate number they won’t go so far down. But you’d want to change that again later.
  • Put the footer inside the wrapper. I’m not sure how your templates are arranged, but in kakumei you’d just have to open footer.php and move the codeblock that produces the div footer up a few lines, just above the previous </div>. Permanent change, now the footer is on the white, but the white will always stretch down sufficiently.
  • Wait it out – eventually there’ll be enough topics to stretch the page :)

I think there are a few other things you could do, but that second point is probably the best if you need it changed now.

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