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Re: Nofollow

Hi, mwaterous. That is FANTASTIC. Thank you!

I have to run some more tests but I think you nailed it. I tested: (simply written www, no html) (http: but no html)

<a/ a tag)

Except for the 1st one, all were converted into a link and ALL carried the nofollow tag. This is for posting messages by members on regular threads.

I placed that last line anywhere inside /bb-includes/, as I didn’t have any of the other files you mentioned. In case others need this, is it possible to stick this one up? When I researched this subject here I found a few topics with at least 7 or 8 members looking for an answer to this problem. But the only answer was provided by you today.

Still ONE MORE spammer alert: if a member places HTML in its signature (using the <a tag) this will escape your filter and the signature will go “follow”

On another subject, if I may…

1. Signatures: do they only appear in the first post made by the member? I believe so.

2. I messed up the .css and can’t refix it. The size of the font for the “textarea” where messages are entered is close to nothing and I have to glue my eyes to screen to read what I am writing. This is the only field where the font-size was nuked. Where and in which .css should I fix this?


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