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Re: No display name on front page, using the Post Meta plugin in bbPress 1.0



Post Meta is so complex I might not be supporting it anymore under the new 1.0

It uses a great deal of hacky workarounds to function and was kind of experimental in the first place.

Since 1.0 now really does have post meta ability (at least in the database) you might want to try making something work with that.

As a side note I find all these “has anyone figured how to make so-and-so work under 1.0” questions very strange. People should not be using 1.0 so soon unless they know how to figure it out themselves. Also 1.0 has also only been out a few days, not even a week, how many people does everyone think are rushing to upgrade to 1.0 so soon?

The way some plugins will be broken under 1.0 is non-trivial. There are database changes, hook changes, the way data is moved around has changed, cache system has changed, variables are renamed. It’s a different creature than 0.9, not a simple upgrade. The numbering system is very misleading – 0.9 is really 1.0 and 1.0 is really like 2.0

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