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Re: No display name on front page, using the Post Meta plugin in bbPress 1.0



_ck_, I was fully aware when I upgraded, which I did first on a test install. I am glad I did. Everything works beautifully and it was worth it. All the plugins I am using are working fine. There is only this minor glitch and I thought it was clear enough that I understood you are not supporting the plugins with the new version, and that the question was not addressed to you, not to bother you. I said it’s understandable that you are not, and in no way I was expecting that you drop everything, nor I was thinking that I knew any better.

I am very grateful for the plugins you have written and that I am still using on 1.0. There is nothing wrong with asking if other testers (starting from the alpha) are also using the anonymous feature and if the display name was working for them. It’s a support forum, after all!

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