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Re: New stable version

Fixed. And thanks for all your hard work Sam.


Hmm… After the slight rant, I realised that theme files may always have the potential to be ‘broken’, as you might upgrade those too. I guess there isn’t a theme-proof way of upgrading bbPress..?

I have to say that this is by far the best forum package I’ve tried – and I’ve tried them all. It’s lightweight and fast, it just works, there are great plugins available to provide features my users need, plus superb and friendly support in the bbPress forums. On those days when you wonder why on earth you do it Sam, remember that nothing else comes close, and countless users out here are grateful. (You’re helping new mums and their babies in Lincoln, UK, do you know? The forum is only just up, but the 45+ members will soon be online and using it, and there’s going to be a press release too. I’ll see if I can wangle a mention of bbPress! Have a glance at and their main site at

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