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Re: My own theme – 3 questions



@chrishajer: Thank you, that works fine!

: You´re right. If i set the value to -1 i´m always able to edit the posts. But this is something i doesn´t really need.

Okay, then there´s only one point left, the edit thing… I will have a look at the plugin and will see how it works.

Although… I got one more point to figure out. It´s a css thing. At the moment this is my testforum:

If you take a look at the 2 post with the smilies in it, you can see that there´s a lot of space in this postings. I tried several things to strip this, but can´t find a solution. I think it´s the css class .threadpost that i have to edit. I know it sounds strange, but in this free space the bbsignatures plugin was showing the users signatures before. Could this relate to it?

Any help is welcome ;-)

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