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Re: My own theme – 3 questions



3) You can put this in you template’s post-form.php:

<p>You will be able to edit this reply for <?php echo bb_get_option('edit_lock'); ?> minutes after posting.</p>

I believe that will show the number of minutes from your admin setting.

I think it would be neat to put this next to the edit link of the reply as well, so people see that they have some amount of time they can edit, and when the message is gone, the edit link is gone. You could extend this in a lot of ways. I think the edit_lock option is the one you want though. Even neater would be to show how many minutes left before they can no longer edit their reply…

I have no idea what happens if you exclude some users from ever locking editing on their replies (like moderators and admins.) Probably just displays the same option even though they have been exempted from the edit_lock restriction.

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