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Re: My Apartment Map Geo Target Forum Finished!



So I’ve done some more integration of bb-press as the user backend of my site. I’m just posting if anyone in the future is interested in this type of integration and to see how I’ve done it.

I’ve added a Sign in or Register link to the header on every page on my site. I used the Thickbox library with jquery to produce those non obtrusive popups that don’t get blocked because they don’t create a new browser window. (, Click on the “Sign in” link to see it)

I recreated the sign in form and post to the same URL as you would if you were signing into bbpress. I created a new hidden field called “loginSmall” that tells me if the user is logging in from the small box or the regular forum login. If I detect that the login is from the small box I redirect the user to a new page after the login. This new page closes the Thickbox popup and refreshes the current users page.

So in effect, the user can login from any page on my site without leaving the page. I still have a few small bugs to work out but overall it works pretty well. The biggest downside is that my registration page still looks a little like its the forum registration. I tried to dress it up to make it look like the site registration.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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