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Re: modified quote-comments (Make new Plugin?)

R-a-y: Thank you! The theme is a heavily modified version of Scoun.

Although I am soon to write a new template because of the css/html isnt that great on it. ;)

Just my way of learning the ropes.

About the RSS feeds: I use feedwordpress plugin to feed it into my wordpress. In wordpress then, I put in some arguments to filter out the RSS feed so it won’t show up there. Somehow it still shows up in my WordPress RSS so I need to find a way to filter it out from the RSS too.

The RSS syndication plugin can hold a number of RSS feeds with alot of options and automatically post articles.

Then I use BBpress WordPress Synchronization plugin and when bbpress finds a new post in WordPress it automatically syncs and creates a post in one of my bbpress subforums.

Somehow i dont want all my stuff to go into BbPress so when I write some new article in WordPress I can choose manually wether to sync this to BbPress or not.

One thing I have an issue with is the first page; I want to make an own “Latest Discussions” loop with all forums EXCEPT RSS. And then an own “latest discussions” With only RSS forum.

Problem is When i used this inside the loop

//Show latest discussions with all forums except id 17
<?php if ( $topics ) : foreach ( $topics as $topic ) : ?>
<?php if( $topic->forum_id != 17 ) { ?>
<?php } endif;?>
<?php endforeach; endif; // $topics ?>

//Show latest discussions but only forum 17
<?php if ( $topics ) : foreach ( $topics as $topic ) : ?>
<?php if( $topic->forum_id == 17 ) { ?>
<?php } endif;?>
<?php endforeach; endif; // $topics ?>

The pagination gets an error (Shows me fewer posts than the actual limit), and I cant use the same loop (With different conditions) twice.. Then I get a blank page. :S

So how should I do? Have any Idea? Im not so used to the bbpress loop yet..

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