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Re: Mask bbPress Installation Directory



Let’s say I have a WordPress site. I don’t want it to be – maybe I want it at or maybe Making WordPress the root of your site is easy, and I think you’ve already done that.

To mask bbpress, just rename the folder to something other than the default when it’s unzipped of bbpress. Call it ‘forums’ or ‘discussions’. If you rename the bbpress folder before you start, you don’t need to change anything later. If you’ve already installed it, then there are a couple config hoops to jump through to move it.

You could also do a subdomain installation, like and not even show that it’s in a subdirectory at all. Then just map that subdomain to the directory where you’ve installed bbPress on the server. No need for directories at all in the URI/URL.

Masking is pretty silly, since one look at the source (if you even need to go that far, for WordPress and bbPress) will give away the secret (wp- and bb- anyone?) If you’re just trying to remain application-neutral, then I agree that this is worth doing (i.e. let’s say you want to use punBB or something later. If you used /forums for your bbPress installation, you can retain /forums and just install punBB in there.)

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