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Re: Made a slight mess of my forum posts.

Relevant also is #thread li.

Note that threadauthor has position: absolute; so it won’t affect the height of the post. As soon as you get rid of that it, the post is pushed to full height.

Alternatively, you could give #thread li the min-height: 200px property, which will make sure it’s at least 200 pixels high which should be sufficient to accomodate for avatar and username. However IE6 does not support the min-height property.

margins will push things apart, which might be what you’re looking for. Also .post needs to have a bigger margin.

Both approaches will give you a workable design. However when you’re working on these things there are really two things you should do:

  1. Change one thing at a time. Check result.
  2. Use Firebug.

Both of those are lifesavers and greatly reduce the amount of work and panic you’ll have. Switch to FF if you have to, Firebug is pure gold and absolutely worth it when you’re making websites.

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