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Re: Lost Key Master



As the code stands at the moment, it is a little too easy to lock yourself out. There may be a cleaner solution, but the following worked for me:

Try to login to BBPress with the WP admin. If that fails to give admin access to BBPress, the user mappings were either not set, were set at the wrong stage during integration, or were set such that nothing mapped to the Keymaster.

Backup the database (just in case a bad situation accidentally becomes terminal while you’re trying to fix it).

Using SQL access to the database (eg PhpMyAdmin), open up bb_topicmeta and delete the last few lines with meta_key starting wp_. That should reset everything, allowing you to get back into BBPress on the old Keymaster account and start again.

I found the order in which the integration settings were applied was critical. Your mileage may vary, but for me that was:

  1. Edit User role map (ensure Admin is linked to Keymaster), and save.
  2. Add “wp_” under User database table prefix and save.
  3. Hit the User role map button again.
  4. Finally complete the cookie setting and save.

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