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Re: Looking for a Bbpress expert



You cannot run WP or bbPress smoothly on Dreamhost, moving to a real host should instantly cut your page render time in half. I always recommend against Dreamhost because they use NFS (remote network storage) instead of local drives attached to the machine. This allows them to keep costs down and give away oodles of space but it makes anything with a lot of files to load very slow and impossible to cache. bbPress 1.0 has even more files than 0.9 so the problem is magnified even worse.

As far as your other needs, the policy here is that you should post a way for people to contact you, usually an email address and then we close the topic. If you want people to contact you via your contact form on your website you can request that instead.

There are extremely few bbPress pros for hire right now, but you can see my post here for some ideas:

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