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Re: Logout and posts disappear



> 1) wenkong posted a topic i think in chinese

> and now i cant delete the tag he created because

> it wont work, he said its something to do with

> utf8. How can I delete that tag & how can I stop

> it from happening again

Sorry, I can’t help with the tags. Maybe this will help:

> 2) How many tags will appear on the start page?

> does it go forever or is it limited to 100 etc

It is limited, never checked how many, but it’s

taken care of automatically.

> 3) is there any examples of what the allowed

> markup with backticks looks like (If ?I dont

> know how it works Im sure my users won’t)

<?php /* this is a block of code in backticks */
echo "Hello.nn";

> 4) Is there a way to add images with a

> softresize to a set size say 500px etc

> or a plugin that can do it

Not that I know of, and I know why it’s a problem (it messes up the layout when wide images are used.) Maybe just post the image parameters and ask people not to insert large images. Ban those who won’t comply :)

But maybe someone will consider the image size limits for a plugin.

Have fun

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