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Re: Logout and posts disappear



cool got it fixed

Firstly can I say great product, a few little quirks but exactly what I was after & has integrated into my site design well.

I am Just about to go live with it on my site but I have a few questions

1) wenkong posted a topic i think in chinese and now i cant delete the tag he created because it wont work, he said its something to do with utf8. How can I delete that tag & how can I stop it from happening again

2) How many tags will appear on the start page? does it go forever or is it limited to 100 etc

3) is there any examples of what the allowed markup with backticks looks like (If ?I dont know how it works Im sure my users won’t)

4) Is there a way to add images with a softresize to a set size say 500px etc or a plugin that can do it

Sorry If there was to many questions I’m just keen to launch my site

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