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Re: Login Username & password issue?



Yes, I can confirm that my bbpress-integration.php and display-name.php plugins are installed in WordPress plugins folder and not in bbPress.

«… As for my bbPress and WordPress Admin username and password is the same for both databases: bbPress was integrated into WordPress MySQL tables during installation and configuration. Consequently, bbPress and WordPress seems to share the same cookies reason when I logged into one as Admin, I’m logged into the other as Admin; the same is true when I’m logout out… »

If my bbPress and WordPress seems to be using the same cookies, it’s because I change my bbPress Admin or Keymaster password to the exact/same WordPress existing password; reality check, the bbPress generated password at Installation will not work when trying to login WordPress.

I’m a newbie to all of this configuration.

bbpress-integration.php has been activated within WordPress plugin window/tab.

Thanks for your patience.

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