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Re: Login in problems with WordPress/bbPress

I was able to resolve the problem and get it working thanks to my sloppiness.

The problem was created when I generated the four keys. I simply copied and pasted them to the wp-config file and the bb-config file. However, the defined keys are different in each file. For the wp-config file the auth key is defined as AUTH_KEY. Whereas, in the bb-config file it is defined as BB_AUTH_KEY. Once I put the BB_ prefix in for the four keys in the bb-config file it worked.

I do have the two programs working without the bbpress plugin.

I still have it setup as separate databases. The users are shared by defining it in the bbPress WordPress integration page by checking the “Show advanced database settings” and input your database information.

Thanks for your help.

On to the next step — Theme Integration!

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