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Re: Logged into one – logged into all.



I hardly think that it is fair to imply that I don’t ‘care for BBpress (sic) development’

I didn’t say that nor suggest it, i said that “Name calling, on an anonymous internet forum, is hardly the way to get help, and i think that’s a true statement. If you call people “dick” and “bitch”; you are less likely to get help. I don’t think that is a false statement, and if you’re taking more from it than i had intended then i think you’re just trying to look for a fight rather than apologising for calling me a “dick” for trying to help you.

After all, i did try and help.

English is not my first language (nor my second – so my tone may be very off), but i wasn’t being intentionally rude or argumentative. I think it’s fair to say that people who have English as a non-primary language sometimes write sentences in a way that people some people find harsh or blunt – especially on internet forums where tone and intination do not come across. If that’s not something that you or anyone else who reads this agrees with then i’m sorry, it’s my experience that some cultures say things in a different way to others.

As for the unasked for advice, it was asked for. You asked what your next step should be, and in my honest opinion it should be to test everything on a development enviroment. You may think it “self righteous” of me to say so, but there have been many examples of people on these forums who upload and install on a live environment first (there are 3 on the first page of this forum btw), so i was being honest and offering you and answer to the question YOU ASKED. I didn’t get bored and decide to write you an email, you asked for help and i took time to answer. If you think that was unasked for, then i apologise.

You know man it’s like this, folks like me try our best. We try and asnwer in the best way possible in a language thats not our own, and if you go around picking out phrases out of context and saying things like we “tried to imply” – you’re reading way too much into simple sentances. If i wnted to say something i would, i wouldn’t hide behind an implication or worse, hide behind an attempted implication of something i really wanted to say. It’s hard to post here in English and we do our best. We dont expect to be called a “dick” or suggesting that we’re a “bitch” for doing so. And if you think that’s acceptable behavior to someone who was trying to help, then thats your own thing man, frankly i think it’s a little uncool – but if you think swearing at someone who is trying his best to help you is cool then there’s nothing i can add to that. Namecalling never got anyone anywhere, and i’d be surprised it if got you help on this forum either.

Good luck in your endeavours.

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