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Re: Logged into one – logged into all.




I run six installations of bbPress – so I hardly think that it is fair to imply that I don’t ‘care for BBpress (sic) development’ or that I was trying to ‘bump’ my website views. I honestly couldn’t care less about the one or two views I might get from this forum. Furthermore, it is an annoyance to have Google bring up this post – so if anything I am generally inclined not to include the link – except that a) I thought it might be helpful to see the set up and b) as I said, people usually bitch when I don’t include a link.

I do think you need to learn how to show a little restraint though. On top of going too far in your first post you go on to imply that I am trying to bump my views, have bad forum decorum, don’t care about bbPress, read English insensitively and perhaps most incorrectly, say things on this forum that I wouldn’t say in person.

I thanked you for the step by step – for which I am sincerely grateful. Unfortunately, it came with a condition – a little unasked for advice and a little self righteousness.

I don’t want to fight with you though. You think I was in the wrong + I think you were in the wrong = nothing gets solved.

Thanks again for the help, I’ll try it out soon.

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