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Re: Logged into one – logged into all.




PierrottorreiP, i was only trying to help, i think you could drop the attitude man. Rest assured, i’ll not try to help again.

My first point, about using a development environment, is a sound technical point. The point of doing things locally is to plan/develop/test until it’s right then push live. If as you said you “I did put the site together locally and realized that I wanted them to talk to each other after I made it live.” that just shows poor planning, and it’s not my fault for not realising that you had decided to make things on your live server different from your testing environment.

That said, your site currently has 1 user, you, so taking down the forums until you fix it locally isn’t going to be a disaster.

As for my suggesting you only include a link when needed, again, it wasn’t to persecute or “bitch”, but was honest advice. If you have something you want us to look at please include a link by all means, but make it a link to your forums and or the page you’re having an issue with. ‘bumping’ your website via views from a BBpress support forum aren’t going to help (of the top 10 google links form your website name are from this website – and many people have tried to bump their site this way before which is why i mentioned it).

You also have to accept that English isn’t everyone’s first language, and while not bad at it myself, taking offence because of the way something is worded – especially in a post that gave you step by step instructions on how to fix your issue – is frankly very bad form.

Name calling, on an anonymous internet forum, is hardly the way to get help from those of us who care for BBpress’ development.

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