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Re: Locked Out of Forum!



It looks like you have an extra db in there. So if your database is database, your tables are actually named database.dbusers, for example?

The default would be database.bb_users.

To change the table prefix your bbPress installation uses, there is a value in bb-config.php called $bb_table_prefix which is normally set to “bb_”. What is the value in your file?

To recover, you might want to rename all your tables using a prefix, then add that prefix to bb-config.php for $bb_table_prefix. I think that would work.

I think leaving the tables with no prefixes is a bad idea, because if you install other software in the same database, you might have a conflict with similarly named tables. Not every application behaves well and allows a table prefix. oscommerce used to do that (no table prefix, just tables with normal names that would step all over any existing similarly named tables.)

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