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Re: list forum name in the sidebar

@ashfame; In the example I gave, I’d just pulled some stuff out of my front-page.php, which is a modified version of Kakumei. It has tables because it came that way – here’s the fist code section;

<div id="discussions">
<?php if ( bb_forums() ) : ?>
<h2><?php _e('Forums'); ?></h2>
<table id="forumlist">
<?php while ( bb_forum() ) : ?>
<tr<?php bb_forum_class(); ?>>
<td><?php bb_forum_pad( '<div class="nest">' ); ?><a href="<?php forum_link(); ?>"><?php forum_name(); ?></a><br /><div class="hints"><?php forum_description(); ?>&nbsp;&nbsp;(<?php bb_forum_pad( '</div>' ); ?><?php forum_topics(); ?> topics, <?php forum_posts(); ?> posts)</div></td>
<?php endwhile; ?>
<?php endif; // bb_forums() ?>

I read somewhere that using lists is not good (can’t remember why). I removed all the alternative line colourings to give a very simple layout, which you can see at

How would I use a list to get the same layout? I once removed the remaining table stuff, but the page turned into a mess. A list will add bullets or numbering, won’t it?

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