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Re: Links in posts lose href information (0.75)



Mike Baptiste, maybe I don’t understand how the whole thing works, but in my database, they are stored without the href information, in the bbpress_posts table, and the <a href= stuff is added upon display. So checking the see that they are not there in the database might not be a valid check. Mine are stored without the href and they display fine and are clickable.

Also, when entering a URL in a post, I don’t enter the href or anything else, I just put the URL in there, with a http://, and it becomes clickable automagically when it’s displayed. Without the http://, it appears that sometimes they are not identified as links by bbPress (especially when there is no www. at the beginning.)

I just registered at your forum, made a post with a link in it, just the URL, and it is clickable. Maybe you’re doing too much work trying to add the <a href=""> </a> stuff? I never tried to know that it doesn’t work. Things that look like URLs are made clickable by bbPress.

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