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Re: Limiting RSS Feed to First Post Only

Exactly what I wanted. I was under the impression that this was already doable, I first got the idea that it could already be done from I was viewing the notes section, where it pulls all the latest topics from all the forums, the feed only shows the topics and not the comments within. Oddly enough, the individual forums themselves show the topic as well as comments within the topics.

Granted that what I’m looking for is in the trac you provided, but I’m still wondering how 9rules managed to get the front part working to only show the topic and not the replies within, and could this not be applied within forum feeds?

I did some digging around and found that the 9rule feed is just basically the latest discussion feed, unfortunately mine is still pulling replies within topics. I’m not interested in only being able to do that as it basically gimps what I’m trying to do, but I was curious why mine pulls replies into the feed. Thanks again.

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