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Re: Let ask again …



Let me give you a little unofficial insight (half my opinion, half fact).

Automattic has millions in investment funding, it’s not going away, neither is bbPress.

But right now bbPress doesn’t make any money for Matt – in fact, it’s the opposite, it costs him to pay people to code it – so you won’t see lots of money thrown into developing it. bbPress was originally written by Matt to run the forums but it’s new goal is apparently to eventually power TalkPress (a forums version of

Currently Sam is the only one working on bbPress but that’s only because other resources are being diverted to other projects. There have been at one time three or maybe four developers (including Matt) on bbPress. Just because there is only one person working on it now is NOT a sign that it is going away. It’s simply because Matt has only so many coders and needs them elsewhere. (You may notice Michael is temporarily MIA).

The people complaining were obviously not around for WordPress development and haven’t read any history about it. WordPress was nearly the EXACT same way. Until there was a commercial project based on it (ie. development was in bursts. Nothing for weeks, and then a frenzy, before a new release.WordPress didn’t really make it’s mark until 2.0 – 2.1, then it took off and then Matt could justify paying lots of people to support it.

Like I keep saying but no one listens, bbPress is PRE-RELEASE software. It’s not even 1.0 yet. And just like WordPress, people who come onboard someday at version 2.0 – 2.1 will wonder what the heck you were complaining about.

If you are using bbPress right now, you are an EARLY ADOPTER.

You are experiencing EARLY ADOPTER BLUES.

Some people complain, some people try to contribute, some people go elsewhere.

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