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Re: Let ask again …

John James Jacoby


I don’t even know how to respond anymore, because really there is no way to defend myself while I’m in someone elses house. I can only speculate what Sam’s duties with Automattic are, because it’s none of my business. I can only assume from what I’ve read (where it’s been hinted at) that Sam is the sole developer behind bbPress, because again it’s none of my business who’s working on it really.

Suffice it to say that I think it’s really sad that my above response was met with such hostility and defensiveness, especially from someone holding the responsibility of moderation, considering there never really was any offense that I see dignified that kind of response. I really didn’t mean any harm or attitude; I even mentioned that I knew I was risking sounding a little off tone, but I think the question is probably a semi valid one, and I can’t speak for anyone else but myself when I ask…

I’m neither complaining, nor banging away. I’ve filed trac tickets and proposed solutions where I felt I qualified enough to supply one. I’ve written my own plugins and modified existing ones to work for specific situations. If what you think is that I’m pressuring or pestering anyone for anything, than I think that there’s a misunderstanding from the get go. I’m not saying it isn’t on my end, but what I will say is that I feel I’ve done my best to be friendly, contribute, and understand how the bbPress family is trying to run business here. I ask that you try to realize that to the new comer, some of what you all have come to know as common knowledge may not be for others, and that maybe… Just maybe, there are better ways to moderate a forum and still get your point across… Again, maybe it’s just me, but moderators typically wear many hats, sometimes one of which is the bouncer at the front door, protecting the crowd. I don’t see this forum as having a particularly riotous clientel, so I can’t say that much muscle is really even necessary…

Okay I’m rambling now…

My point being, that if Sam’s only job is to work on bbPress for Automattic, and he hasn’t been around or made any updates or changes, then I’d like to apply for his job. :)

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