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Re: Let ask again …



The biggest problem I have with people hassling Sam is that you are distracting him from other work he can be doing to help us all, especially when for now he is the only main developer on the project. He shouldn’t have to stop to answer end-user questions each week (unless he wants to).

It’s easy to burn out on large programming projects which is why he moves around to working on different parts of bbPress at different times and I have a low tolerance for people who can’t see the major effort he has done and just want things done yesterday, especially when it is completely free and you have plenty of other choices.

Try writing a plugin someday and you’ll get an appreciation for what kind of concentration and knowledge it takes to develop good code. Sam has done a massive amount of work on bbPress 1.0 and should be left alone to continue in whatever pattern suits him best.

If you have bug reports or feature ideas, make a quality report in TRAC and Sam will get to them when he gets to them. Don’t pester him here unless he solicits for the input.

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