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Re: Learning Curve Too Large

I’d have to read the forums, once again, to figure out what you mean.

Or you could just ask us here. :) A large part of these forums is just for help making it work. You’d be happier with bbPress in the long run.

The markup thing for example is quite simple; I struggled with it initially but a random guess worked out, and the quicktags certainly help. Any text between two backticks (on a European/English keyboard, the button just above tab) will be rendered as code. The ‘markup’ thing refers to HTML, so to make that work you do this:

<em> makes your text italic </em>

<br />
like so will create a single new line.

<ul> or <ol> will create a ‘list’ structure. Simply put <li> and </li> around each seperate list element. End the list by putting </ul> or </ol>.

To create links, you do this: <a href="">link text</a>.

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