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Re: Language problems with with v.1.0.1

This is currently a problem for me as well. Like nonegiven above, I need dual language WordPress/bbPress integration, i.e. I need the facility to be able to switch the language of the bbPress forum interface from within the forum interface. Ideally this could tie in to the user’s stated language preference, or the language of the referring webpage.

However, I can only currently change the interface language by changing the settings in the bb_config.php file. This changes the language of the interface globally, which.

Like nonegiven, I’ve tried the bbPress Language Switcher plugin by _ck_ as well as User Languages and these don’t seem to work on v1.

Unfortunately, this undermines the usefulness of bbPress for multilingual websites. :(

Any chance that this will be on the roadmap for the future?

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