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Re: Lack of bbsync means I might go with SMF



“* too many plug-ins external to the core software just to get it to run normal forum functionality that comes ‘out of the box’ with most other forums, meaning too many 3rd party functions that might one day no longer be supported (like bbsync)”

What plugins are necessary? I’m running bbpress with absolutely no plugins at the moment (though to be fair, I fully plan on adding a few), and I seem to be able to set up forums, post topics, and then reply to said topics. That seems to be the basic functionality of a forum to me?

“* no bbsync”

If you really need to duplicate content, you could always use cp

“* not an easy install plug-in to wp. “

I’ll agree, I would have jumped for joy had this been the case. Though honestly integration (shallow or deep) really doesn’t take a whole lot of effort at all.

Have you asked the author of the plugin if s/he plans to update it? You never know, it could be in the works right now.

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