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Re: Lack of bbsync means I might go with SMF

Olaf, SMF 2.0 is nearly done. They’re down to RC1 or something now… many new features.

kawauso, Well, it might complicate things for the programmers but wouldn’t it simplify things for us, the users? EG: People are starting to flock to Joomla’s “Kunena” forum because it is a plug-in that fits snugly inside the Joomla core and automatically makes use of all the Joomla user profiles etc. They’re integrating it with all the Joomla social stuff, so even though it is at a far earlier stage of development than bbpress, the end product will be the joomla equivalent of WP, Buddypress and BBpress all neatly rolled into one. I was chatting with one of the Kunena developers the other night and explained what I liked about old (dead) bbsync, and he said once J1.6 came out he’d have a look at integrating a similar function in K1.6. Sounds good.

There are things I really love about WP! But the problems with BBpress remain:

* too many plug-ins external to the core software just to get it to run normal forum functionality that comes ‘out of the box’ with most other forums, meaning too many 3rd party functions that might one day no longer be supported (like bbsync)

* no bbsync

* not an easy install plug-in to wp.

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