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Re: Lack of bbsync means I might go with SMF

I’ve never quite understood the complaints about cookies and bbPress/WordPress integration… I set up a fresh copy of 1.0.2 locally with no prior knowledge and it worked fine (Windows test server). I FTPed it onto my live server and changed over the addresses and it works fine, apart from an odd quirk to do with bb-admin and where you log in. My cookies hold across either site, and for that matter to a MediaWiki install I have tied in to the same user set.

I quite understand the issue with cross-posting though. I’d fix it myself if I could work out how to initialise bbPress core cleanly inside WordPress, but that’s not possible in 1.0, so for now all you can use is plugins that do it by HTTP. Hopefully that will be integrated into core later on, but including bbPress as a WordPress plugin would be shoehorning something that was designed to be relatively standalone into a different structure and no doubt would over complicate things.

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