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Re: Key Not Found error message on password reset

John Conners


I’ve experienced this problem in If you follow the password reset link you get emailed and then try to log in from that page you’ll get the key not found error. The reason is the ‘re’ value in the login form is getting set to that password reset link (bb-reset-password.php?key=xxxxxx) so when you log in bbPress bounces you back to that page (as it would do if you logged in from a specific topic) and now that the password has been reset, the key xxxxxx is no longer in the database and the ‘key not found’ error pops up.

The way I’ve worked around it is to do the following prior to calling login_form() on password-reset.php in my template:

<?php global $re; $re = bb_get_option(‘uri’); ?>

The trouble is that in the default template login_form() is in the header so you’ll need to set $re elsewhere or come up with another solution.

Hope that helps!

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