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Re: Key Master could not be created!

I made the same mistake. It would be a great idea to indicate “You must choose a NEW admin, that doen’t exist yet” at this point of the installation.

I fixed it by reinstalling bbpress but I needed to clean the database first :

– I removed the bb-config.php file

– I looked into the database (using the hosting service tools) and removed all the tables starting with bb_

– then I started back the installation.

I guess you can do it another way, without reinstalling : the problem is that you have bbpress installed without any administrator. You can define one manually in the database (using the hosting service tools) :

– the table wp_users contains the users (I integrated bbp and wp, else I suppose there should be a bb_users, but then we shouldn’t have this error…)

have a look at it and remember the ID of the user you want to put keymaster (for me, it’s 1)

– the table wp_usermeta contains some values about the users.

add a new line containing :

* umeta_id : a non-used umeta_id

* user_id : the ID of the user (1 for me)

* meta_key : bb_capabilities

* meta_value : a:1:{s:9:"keymaster";b:1;} (I don’t know what it means)

– then try to connect to your forum and look if you can administrate it !

Can someone says if it works ?

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