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Re: k2 for bbpress

I’ve made a little modification, i add a tab-line in the header.php, just like the same as k2 theme.

You can see it here:

For modification, first put these lines in the style.css

/*- Main Menu in Header */ {

margin: 0;

padding: 0;

position: absolute;

bottom: 0;

left: 20px;

width: 90%;

} li {

display: inline;

margin: 0;

}, li a {

padding: 5px 15px 6px;

} li a {

font-size: 1em;

color: white;

margin: 0;

} li a:hover {

background: #333;

color: #eee !important;

text-decoration: none;

} li.current_page_item a, li.current_page_item a:hover {

color: #333 !important;

background: white;

text-decoration: none;


.admintab {

position: absolute;

right: 0px;


* html .admintab { padding: 5px 15px 6px } /* IE hack */

a img,:link img,:visited img { border:none }

After that put these lines into header.php. But changes the href lines to your site.

<ul class="menu">

  • Ana Sayfa
  • Forum
  • Resimler
  • Duyuru Listesi
  • İletişim
  • Hope it’s useful for you, and linickx may be you could add this mod to your style.css

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