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Re: Jumpstarting the bbPress Codex


We should probably have a general writeup of how Cookies work in both WordPress and bbPress, across versions… how the WordPress cookie was changed in versions 2.5 and 2.6, and how the bbPress cookie was changed from 0.9 to 1.0 (and any other changes that you can think of!)

Of particular note would be which versions integrate well with each other (e.g. how bbPress 0.9 doesn’t have native support to integrate with the latest WordPress versions… so for a number of months, the only way to upgrade WordPress was to upgrade to the alpha 1.0).

Also, ck’s bbPress cookie upgrade plugin… and Superann’s WordPress cookie downgrade plugin (to allow 0.9 to talk to the latest WordPress cookies).

Anyone enough of a Cookie guru to draft a general writeup of how cookies work, and the general cookie compatibility issues we’ve seen? I think we can do better than the WordPress Codex, which seems really vague:


Might be worth sharing links to people who have integrated bbPress with non *Press user logins:

Maybe also a writeup on “deep” *Press integration versus other more “shallow” forms of integration (shared login)… some useful links on that:

Any other links on deep versus shallow integration?

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