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Re: Is it possible to schedule forum topics?

Here’s a list of bbPress professionals, although I don’t know how many of them have done development:

The most prolific developers are _ck_ and Nightgunner5.

Nightgunner5 has written 9 plugins that I’m aware of (I use two of them, and they are excellent):

_ck_ is by far the most prolific developer, with 60 plugins:

But according to that link above on bbshowcase (her site), she’s not available right now. If you have a larger budget though, it might be worth dropping her a line and seeing if she’s open to it.

You might also try Ivan here:

If there are active plugin developers that I’ve missed, please let cupra know in the comments!

Good luck! And if you’re open to contributing any custom plugins to the plugin section when you’re done, that’d be great! I’d be glad to help test the plugin… :-)

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