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Re: Internet Explorer and Safari don't like round corners, why?

Hi, do you notice the little -moz thing in front of the CSS property? That is an internal Firefox only CSS property. IE does not support rounded borders at all (and maybe will not soon). Safari on the other hand and all other webkit based browsers (Chrome, Konqueror) do support it via their own special CSS properties.

So for Safari(and Chrome) the code will be:

-webkit-border-radius: 6px;

for Konqueror (not very widespread but anyway):

-khtml-border-radius: 6px;

and since rounded borders are a property from the upcoming CSS3, here you have the standard definition (which you should also include for the bright moment in the future when all browsers will natively support it):

border-radius: 6px;

Of course using these properties will render your CSS invalid in the W3C validator.

Extended info on CSS3 border-radius:

Cheers :)

Pssst! But hey – is that a bbPress issue? And why post in “Installation” subforum?

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