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Re: Intergration. Will not let me logon using my wordpress login

From lasir’s config file, it looks like a common theme may be that the error message says:

Access denied for user 'thechamp'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

but the config file specifies a different user: thechamp_risal. (Can the others who are experiencing this problem please post the DB details of their setup as well?).

This often indicates that the specified user doesn’t exist (or possibly doesn’t have access) in the specified database.

Lasil, I’m not sure what this post is showing. Are you looking at users in the wrdp1 database or in thechamp_wrdp1?

The other commonality here may be that all of you are using the mysqli extension. It could be that there’s a bug there that’s only now popping up since most people use the mysql extension.

You can try overwriting /bb-includes/db-mysqli.php with /bb-includes/db.php (so that you have two copies of db.php) to see if that helps.

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