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Re: Integration URL Problems



“You are attempting to log out of AscenDance Radio

Please try again.”

ah, right, i can help you here. First read my reply to ashfame who him a similar issue yesterday. What you want to do is close teh browser and clear the cache and cookies entirely. You’re loading up /wp-login.php?loggedout=true – but that page’s sole purpose it to remove the cookie which it cannot find in exactly the format it wants – so WP freaks out.

You need to supply us with the answer to the following questions before we can help:

1) Are you using Ann’s plugin to make WP2.7.1 cookies compatible with BB0.9 ?

2) Are you using _ck_’s plugin ot make BB0.9 cookies compatible with WP2.7.1 ?

3) Are you trying to integrate WP2.7.1 to BB0.9 without either of these plugins?

btw, if the answer to 1 & 2 is NO and 3 is Yes, then i have to tell you it won’t work.

May i also suggest two things which should help greatly? 1) set everything up at home or on a development environment first, that way you’re not getting these issues on a live website. 2) Take off the Maintenance Mode plugin. There’s no point in asking for help with an issue when it’s quantified by “i also have a plugin which hides almost all of the data useful to help debug”.

Lets see if we can’t get your sorted :)

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