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Re: Integration URL Problems

I SOLVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Since no one anywhere was giving me answers and since I’m stubborn and must solve problems, I spent yet another 10+ hours troubleshooting and I did it!!!

Want to know the simple as hell fix?

Well, besides including,

define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ”);

define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’);

In WP Config and the following in bbPress Config, (Notice how cookie domain and cookie path are the EXACT SAME in both configs)

// WordPress database integration speedup

$bb->wp_table_prefix = ‘wp_’;

$bb->user_bbdb_name = ‘changed’;

$bb->user_bbdb_user = ‘changed’;

$bb->user_bbdb_password = ‘changed’;

$bb->user_bbdb_host = ‘localhost’;

$bb->user_bbdb_charset = ‘utf8’;

$bb->user_bbdb_collate = ”;

$bb->custom_user_table = ‘wp_users’;

$bb->custom_user_meta_table = ‘wp_usermeta’;

// WordPress cookie integration speedup

$bb->wp_siteurl = ‘same URL’;

$bb->wp_home = ‘same URL’;

$bb->cookiedomain = ”;

$bb->cookiepath = ‘/’;

$bb->authcookie = ‘wordpress_HASH’;

$bb->secure_auth_cookie = ‘wordpress_sec_HASH’;

$bb->logged_in_cookie = ‘wordpress_logged_in_HASH’;

$bb->admin_cookie_path = ‘/forums/bb-admin’;

$bb->core_plugins_cookie_path = ‘/forums/bb-plugins’;

$bb->user_plugins_cookie_path = ‘/forums/my-plugins’;

$bb->sitecookiepath = ‘/’;

$bb->wp_admin_cookie_path = ‘/wp-admin’;

$bb->wp_plugins_cookie_path = ‘/wp-content/plugins’;

// End integration speedups

I also did what I should have done from the start but didn’t because I am a DUMBASS,

I copied the following from WP config,

define(‘AUTH_KEY’, ‘randomexcrement’);

define(‘SECURE_AUTH_KEY’, ‘randomexcrement’);

define(‘LOGGED_IN_KEY’, ‘randomexcrement’);

define(‘NONCE_KEY’, ‘randomexcrement’);

AND EXACTLY AS YOU SEE IT THERE (Even the spaces in between so the WP Config and bbPress config matched even those spaces in between lines) I copied it over to bbPress Config, adding the “BB_” prefix to it,

define(‘BB_AUTH_KEY’, ‘randomexcrement’);

define(‘BB_SECURE_AUTH_KEY’, ‘randomexcrement’);

define(‘BB_LOGGED_IN_KEY’, ‘randomexcrement’);

define(‘BB_NONCE_KEY’, ‘randomexcrement’);

Even though I looked at character for character there was something off and by copying and replacing that information I can now log into WP and it logs me in bbPress and logging out of one logs me out of the either.

I hope this helps someone out there!!!

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