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Re: Integrating WPMU trunk and bbPress RC2

John James Jacoby


Something must be up with the trunk…

If I install bbPress in a sub folder of WordPress, what seems to happen regardless of my settings or fudges, is that the bbPress login cookie is dropped with a “Host:” and a login via WordPress drops a cookie with a “Domain:”

I’ve matched the URL’s, used with and without the integration speedup short-cut, deep/shallow integration, etc… Basically I’ve tried wiggling the settings back and forth, to no avail.

I was actually going to start my integration screen casts, so I suppose this will wait until tomorrow. haha! :D

I was able to get a WordPress login to drop cookies like “Host:” but the cookies the integration plugin drops are still “Domain:” (If it dropped “Host:”, or if bbPress knew to look for “Domain:” I suspect they’d work just fine.)

Note: I swear this WAS working earlier last week, as I’ve integrated two sites successfully with login/logout working from either direction.

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