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Re: integrating bbpress with wordpress


I just wanted to say that I just installed bbPress in a subdomain from my forum and got the cookie syncing to work fine.

Much thank to Trent, who provided half the solution:

$bb->cookiedomain = '';
$bb->cookiepath = '/';

made it so that forum-generated cookies worked for the entire website. I had to go into wordpress root and edit wp-settings.php line 190:

define(COOKIE_DOMAIN, '');

I do not understand how it worked previously, as it defined it simply as false (I assume that the browser will automagically substitute the domain that the user is currently on?). However, hardcoding the domain worked for me, and as long as I remember to change this in future upgrades I should be fine.

I did have troubles, especially logging out, while testing all this, and found that it’s vital to clear your cookies manually as the wordpress/bbpress logouts were clearing different cookies and you could stay logged in despite trying to log out.

But yeah, I’m all good. :) Thanks guys.

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