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Re: Integrate wp2.7 and bbp1.0a2

John James Jacoby


If you want to check out, I am running wp2.7rc2 and bbpress1.0a2 right now. Logins are done through WordPress, and if I need to access the bbPress admin, I can login that way privately myself by typing the URL.

Registrations are also forced through WordPress, as I need to use the register plus plugin or the facebook connect plugin to control registrations. All registered users have author access to WordPress, which conventionally is a horrible idea, but for our intentions it works alright. Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t automatically give the new user access to the forums because it isn’t aware of the roles for it. I have to manually run the map tool in bbPress when a new user registers. Again, it’s a small private group of about 90 users or so, and we all know each other.

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