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Re: Integrate wp2.7 and bbp1.0a2


I had the same problem. I had to manually add a row to the wp_usermeta table! For some reason, I lost the “wp_user_level” on my user… setting that to “10” fixed the problem! I had full admin rights to the WP install again, while keeping the “keymaster stuff” on wp_capabilities…

Hope it helps…

I’m still struggling with some stuff and wish I didn’t have to have my users sign in twice… I might come up with a solution for that or, at least, have the BB login look exactly like my WP’s custom login page. I’m actually contemplating of just taking punBB… It’s no more of a PITA to install and configure and it’s a much better solution!

And I thought bbPress would be better and easier because of being from the same “ecosystem”… I was *sooooo* wrong… ;(

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