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Re: Installing phpMyAdmin on my web server

[If you plan on integrating WP and bbPress, it is best to have a running copy of WP up and going.]

I already have WordPress up and running.

[Then just install your bbPRess in the same database as WP. WordPress will have the database prefix of wp_ and bbPress with bb_]

I have WordPress installed in my public_html directory in a directory named blog

Do you mean install bbPress in the blog directory?

In other words, don’t create a separate directory forum to install bbPress?

I think I want mywebsitedomainname/blog and mywebsitedomainname/forum to be separate urls

But to integrate WordPress with bbPRess do they have to have the same url?


On a separate note

I should be able to use WinSCP to login to my server via SSH, then access my database with a MySQL login, then drop the bb_ tables from the failed bbPress install.

I imagine this could be done through the WinSCP Console

I realize the phpAdmin is a more user friendly interface than the WinSCP Console.

I sent an e-mail to my web hosting support, but they haven’t responded.

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