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Re: Installing phpMyAdmin on my web server

Hi Trent:

[You don’t have WP installed somewhere do you?]

Actually, I installed WordPress blog 2.2 first. It installed on the first try.

I have WordPress 2.2 installed in my public_html directory.

I haven’t customized or begun blogging with WordPress blog 2.2 yet.

I decided to use bbPress for my forum Discussion software, but the install failed.

I want to set it up and implement it first.

[There is a plugin that adds the newest phpMyAdmin as an admin page for WP. Lifesaver for me since I don’t like logging into my host admin and then phpMyAdmin and then working. I just login to WP and do what I want.]

What is the plugin?

Where is the plugin download?

Is it tricky installing the phpMyAdmin plugin?

If I go this route do I have to or should I integrate WordPress 2.2 with bbPress?


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